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    96 Zxi 750 basic help

    I just bought a 96 zxi 750 and not knowing pretty much anything about jetski's i would like to get some help.

    What oil should i put in?
    It is a 2 stroke with separate oil and gas tanks.

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    I use pennzoil full synthetic marine oil in my skis and have had good success. I'm sure others here that know more may recommend something else. Also on my skis I premix my fuel and do away with the oil pump system. Simply because I don't trust them if they fail your motor is ruined. Easy to block off the oil pump and premix.

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    The problem with the oil injection is the rubber hoses get brittle with age. They split and can fall off.

    Replace with polyurethane hose and secure with stainless steel safety wire and you're good to go. The oil pumps virtually NEVER fail.

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