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    Power Issue Help - 2001 GP1200r

    Hi, I just picked up a 2001 GP1200r for $600, and need some help with an issue. I don't have much background on it. It runs great, bu have noticeable power issues at all speeds. Top speed on glass is only 54mph on the dreamometer. Very sluggish out of the hole. With 2 people it will only plane out if we lean forward and triim.

    102 hours
    RIVA Stinger
    Free Flow Exhaust
    Unknown carb mods with K&N arrestors (assuming jetting)
    RIVA intake grate
    RIVA ride plate
    RIVA spontons
    Other possible mods unknown.

    It has 125+ PSI in all cylinders, and power valves seem to be working when tested on land. It revs up to 7800+ RPM almost instantly, but just doesn't seem to go. Next thing I'm thinking is possible impeller. There's not really visible damage, but there seems to be more than the .6mm gap specified in the manual. In attaching some (crappy) impeller pics. Would this little bit cause this much of a performance issue? The previous owner did say he sucked up quite a bit of gravel/mud last time out with it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do the powervalves cycle when the ski is shut off? Ride the ski with the seat off and see if they open at about 5000rpm.

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    I'll try to do a water test soon to check with the seat off, but they do cycle when shut off.

    Would it still rev that high with them not opening?

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    It's been raining here all week so I haven't been able to do a water test. However when I hook the flush kit up, it does look like the valves are opening once 5k is reached. Do they progressively open? Or open all at once?

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    It looks like I'll be ordering a new SOLAS, and inspecting the wear ring while i'm in there. With the above mods, what impeller would be best? I see a 13/19 works well for stock. 13/20? 14/20?

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