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    New owner looking for some info

    Just bought my first machine today 2011 rxt is 255

    it has 25 hours on it.

    dont know much about these things either than they are governed by gps

    I'm just looking for some info on maintaining the machine. I'm mechanically inclined but I'm new to pwc's

    ive ridden before just never owned.

    ive also been looking at a 2003 xp 1000 2smoke are they decent?

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    Because the RXT is the iS model, it is hard to wrk on due to the suspension. Its not impossible, but makes it harder to do. See if the drivesahft has been replaced/updated to the new design. The 2010'2 and 11's had a different design and had some issues. Also make sure all of the pump to ride plate bolts are there and tight, if they back off or fall out the driveshaft could strip.

    Not trying to tell you that you bought a bad ski, just giving you the common issue with that ski. Other than that, the suspension is generally rock solid and has no issues.

    Congrats on the ski!!

    The XP was a DI(direct fuel injection). Make sure the fuel filter has been changed if it has high hours. The DI's were pretty bullet proof as long as they were maintained...

    They can be hard to reboard if your a bigger guy.

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