my friend has an XLL and just did a pump plug kit, sealed the pump, and put on my XLT stock prop (which was in very good condition). he also had a R&D intake grate. he brought it out today for a test ride and it cavitated really bad. it would take off ok when you nail the throttle, but then it just cavitates bad as the rpms build.

my thoughts are that this has to be prop related. i checked out the seal he did on the pump and it looked good. the intake grate hangs slightly lower than the pump shoe, but i'm only talking about a 1/8" max. he also added some silicone sealant around the intake grate. i'm really really stumped, especially since it cavitates more on top than bottom when you nail the throttle from a stand still. if you go into the throttle gently it's fine. his ski only has a stock tach and i didn't even take notice as to what it said.

this is his first time out on the ski since he just bought it. so there's no comparison to the before. nor for the prop i gave him since i just bought my XLT and put on an aftermarket prop. i gave him my old prop since it was in much better condition than his.

anyone have any thoughts?