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    1994 Kawasaki XiR 750- to buy or not to buy?

    Hello! I have an option to get a 1994 Kawasaki XiR 750 for pretty cheap. Are these typically reliable, fun skis? This is the rare racing model but I don't know much about the Kawasaki brand. It has a new crank in it. Thank you!

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    It would have to be really cheap! Racing model? Well, I had a 750 SSXi that had been a racing 'Ski. Back then, it didn't mean much. Top speed is probably around 40, maybe 45.

    The 750 is a pretty reliable engine that will put up with a fair amount of abuse, and it's fairly easy to work on.

    If it runs well (and make sure it runs well IN THE WATER), it would be a good beginner 'Ski for kids. In great condition, it might be worth $600-700.

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