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    2002 Gp1200r wont start no power

    Hey guys, my Gp1200r has sat for almost 2 years now due to the weather no time to ride and an oil leak with the occasional startup to make sure everything is working. Well last fall I took the exhaust off to install a block off plate for premix. Well I just finally got it put together yesterday and went to try to start it and I have nothing, no lights beeps no display no servos it doesn't try to start at all. I put the charger on the battery, I have 13.5 volts with the charger and 11.5-.8 without it so I know that is low but its the same with the charger on or off. Ground is good on the motor and fuses are good so im at a loss looking for some insight on where to go next I don't know much about the newer skis and their electronics

    Thanks in advance!

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    make sure the 3 plugs on the side of the battery box are plugged in if you have a chip for the d plate there will be 2

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