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    96 polaris slt 780 ignition problem!?!?!?!

    Ok I rode this ski yesterday and was bogging down. I rebuilt the carbs tried adjusted low and high adjustments with no luck. This morning I removed the box that plug wires come from to get to the fuel pump bolts. Removed it and cleaned and returned it. Bolted electric box back. Now it will not ignite or had spark to plugs removed plugs and had no spark. The middle cylinder seems to be blowing a mist of gas. Any ideas?

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    Middle cylinder or middle carburetor blowing a gas mist? If carb, possible intake reed damage.

    Since you disturbed the electrical box and now do not have spark I would be looking for a corroded wire connection or other wiring problem.

    I would also verify the battery voltage is strong enough during cranking. Weak batteries can cause all sorts of diagnostic headaches.

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