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    150 goes instant engine temp light and zero throttle response

    After weed plug up, pulling the cone and cleaning the tubes I can't seem to get the ski to run without going to a instant check engine and engine temp. Any ideas of a sensor that may have gone bad?

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    How is the coolant level? There are two sensors, one is on the exhaust manifold and the other senses engine temp. The exhaust sensor can be unplugged as a test.

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    I will try. Thank you. Before I start pulling stuff apart is there any insight you can give me about the locations of these sensors

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    You (or your neighbor) overheated the ski, right? Have you run a compression test yet on it?

    Do you still have the shutoff issue?

    The exhaust manifold overheat switch is on the rear of the manifold... above the oil filter. A single wire/connector goes to it. You can unplug this to test. If the overheat indicator goes away... could be a bad switch.

    The coolant temp sensor is between the intake manifold runners... in the coolant rail. This is a sensor returning temp values to the ECU. You can not unplug this to test.


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