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    Post ride

    Hi guys, please don't bash me for being a dumbass newbie.

    I'm about to buy a 2015 310X SE and I'm super psych'd about it.
    I am completely new to the sport and want to make sure I don't screw anything up.

    I've been search around but can't find what you guys think is the 'perfect' post-ride maintenance regimen. It'll be ridden in salt water (Florida Gulf coast) 99% of it's life.

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate this forum and any help you can provide!


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    Everyone was a newbie ..

    Must do:
    1) flush ski with garden hose follow manuals procedure but make sure start ski first then water then when ready to stop turn water off first then ski, run ski with no incoming water now for 8-10 secs give throttle 3-4000rpms till no water coming out of back of exhaust ..

    2)while ski is running on the hose spray fogging oil with pipe in the supplied opening 8-10 sec then close opening with cap..

    3) take garden hose and spray top and bottom and under hull ,spray trailer frame both sides of wheels and important under your car along brakes,rotors,boots exhaust etc and undercarriage parts that might get salt water on..

    4)soak up any water in the bottom of hull..

    Optional maintenance:

    1)every other ride or few rides spray mist water over engine and all metals , plastic and wiring and all parts under the seat, don't worry everything is sealed so let it air dry as engine and exhaust heat will evaporate water quickly then spray a good rust inhibitor and overall protector like Fluild film ,CRC etc,then soak up excess water on bottom of hull..

    2) tilt ski back put front of trailer on a 2ft sturdy stand for a few hrs then come back and start ski for 5-6 secs 3-4 time with slight rev till only water mist comes out of exhaust...

    Sure others will add to the list..

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    Thanks Dave, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me means a lot to me.

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