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    Sudden onset of excessive vibration - any ideas?

    Riding along on our FZS yesterday and out of nowhere it started to vibrate ptretty heavily. Gets bad over about 5k rpm. Any ideas? TIA.

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    Check your pump and grate area. Something is stuck in it. Stick, trash etc

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    Or cavitation caused by debris damage to the pump

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    small piece of wood stuck on prop blade I bet.

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    That happened to my wife on a VX Deluxe. Running fine. Slowed and idled for a minute. Throttle up and at @5k rpm, bad vibration and only barely 5mph. A stick about the size of your finger wedged on the back, intake side, of the impeller.

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    Thumbs up for the suggestions - a small plant had wedged in next to the impeller. Given the size of it, I wouldn't have thought it could cause that much trouble, but all seems fine now that it's gone.

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