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    Maptune spark stock maps

    Hi all, I've just bought a spark 60hp and the vtech tuning bundle. Once I remap It do I just use "stock tune" to put it back to 60hp?
    Is "stock tune" the original 60hp map from seadoo
    If I remap it with the 90hp map is that an original map too so I would have touring and sport mode?

    if things go wrong and I need to send it in for warranty work is there a guide how to remove all evidence of remapping the spark?

    Cheers for any help guys

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    Stock tune is the stock .

    Send V tech ur User name and Hin # and ask to enable all features inc service rest and clear history .

    The spark drive train is solid only problems has been handle bars and wiring loom position issue that I know off ..

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

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    Can a dealer tell if my ski has been flashed?

    pretty sure a dealer can tell if the ECU has been flashed or not when he puts BUDS on it.

    sorry for the bad news

    welcome to the hulk.

    I know theres a few dealers that come in here, and a BRP rep. too.
    Maybe they'll stop by and let us know definitively.

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