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    2001 xlt1200 won't start

    So I was driving my ski today, and after about 10 minutes of driving, I was cruising at about 50 when it started making a funny noise then completly shut off. When I tried to start it, it would just have a single click. I kept trying and evently it started to turn over, but wouldn't fire. The turnover sounds pretty weak too. Tried starting it a bit more and I noticed smoke coming from under the engine, and it smelled like something was burning, so I quit. Luckily a boat passed by and hailed me in... Any ideas?

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    Pull plugs and see if it will turn over.Check compression.Sounds like it locked up and is smoking the starter.When it cools down it shrinks the pistons.Hopefully something else.

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    It does turn over and I can feel air coming from the cylinders when I remove the plugs.

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    Piston meltdown. Check compression with a gauge.

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    It has a real weak turnover, so it isn't really doing much. I just had the friggin engine completly rebuilt...

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    check compression sounds like a seized piston. What caused the original engine to go were the carbs. rebuild with the rebuild of the engine.

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