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    Low Idling RPM's on STX R 1200

    I recently purchased a 2002 STX R 1200. Great compression in all the cylinders, took it out to the lake last week and it ran great. When I came home I flushed the engine and noticed that the idling RPMs were at about 1,100 and it should be at 1,800 per the owners manual (out of water). The previous owner installed a waterbox on this so I am wondering if that would affect the RPM's? Do I need to adjust the carburetor so it is back to the manufacturers recommended idling RPM's? There was also the slightest amount of hesitation when accelerating too so I am thinking that might be a sign that the carb needs some fine tuning.

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    Set the idle speed in the water and don't worry about it.

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    dont pay any attention to what it is idling out of the water, you should be only concerned about the idle speed in the water. i keep mine around 800-1000rpm when in the water

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