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    Exhaust manifold leak rxt2005

    Rode with the seat off on my RXT to check for water leaks and I was getting eye and smell burns from the exhaust fumes which seem to be living under the seat. Short starts on the trailer later showed small amounts of white smoke coming up the side of the exhaust manifold. It's running fine but would certainly like to address the exhaust gas leak?
    Any pointers?
    87 hrs on ski. All stock. Brackish and salt water riding until 50hrs and then mostly fresh water.
    Sc rebuild at 75 hrs.

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    when I had that problem it was my flex part of the j pipe was ripped.

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    I will take a look at the J pipe but it was clearly from the front side of the exhaust manifold after I ran it for 5-7 seconds (from cold) and shut it down. Then a small streak of white smoke appeared hugging the front edge of valve cover on its way up.

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    No, definitely from the front - and looks like the front corner of the manifold. I suppose there is a metal gasket there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcurbet View Post
    No, definitely from the front - and looks like the front corner of the manifold. I suppose there is a metal gasket there?
    No gasket

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    You'll want to separate the J-pipe from the manifold and inspect the manifold carefully where it meets the J-pipe. It's typical for this manifolds to corrode after so many years of use, Specially in brackish and salt water.

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    Will do thx guys

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    Curious - how does the manifold seal up to the head?

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    Machined head and exhaust manifold, no gasket, I have replaced a few j pipes where the flex joint split open and had to replace a manifold because the j pipe was loose causing damage at the clamp

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    Interesting, no gasket - I suppose the metal is soft enough to seal proper.
    I will take the clamp off and Inspect but I m convinced it's coming from the front... 5 seconds of running and I can smell it strong in the front part and nothing in the rear.

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