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    Differences Between 14.5 Twin Speedster & Challenger

    Hi guys
    I am looking at purchasing a jet boat i have a few question if some can help me out here.

    What i am looking for is a fun boat I can through around do spins and handles well and over all is a good performer as well.

    Is the 14.5 speedster and challenger twins the same boat just different years

    Am i better of looking at the 16ft Speedster with the twin 110hp whats a more fun boat .

    I know the new 150 is a awsome jet boat but will the twin 14.5 keep up to it and be just as good on teh water.

    What your thought and which is a better boat the 14.5 or 16ft with 110hp

    Thanks Mike

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    Same boat

    Different colors for different years. The twin 14.5 have a huge fun factor.
    The larger 16ft is a different animal. Still fun, just bigger, not quite as nimble,
    but smoother and more comfy.
    The 4-tech boats are different, but probalbly closer to the 16ft in terms of
    ride, hull shape etc. Poke around here and Tons of info on all
    the boats.

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    The 4tech 15 footers have a smoother ride than the previous 14.5's but both will bust you up in the chop if you don't throttle back. Harder to spin the 4techs and more speed required to go flying. Only the scic 4tech is going to leave an older model behind, otherwise fairly even. Depends on your style really, but for reliability reasons it's 4tech hands down for me.

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    Thanks for the replies guys will check out the other forum.

    What boat was more reliabable the 85hp twin 14.5 Or the 16 twin 110hp I know in the jet skis both engines had issues both performered well.

    What about top speed in these 2 boats did the extra weight come into play.

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