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    Question Riva open loop stock ic routing

    I found one diagram of the riva open loop with a stock ic, however it doesnt include what needs to be done with the hose off the top of the j pipe..also the hose that comes in on the opposing side of the ski that connects to the bottom of the j pipe ( went into the T with the exhaust manifold and j pipe).. Can i route my oil cooler line to the top of my j pipe? if I do this where can I route the hose I previosly stated..A diagram would help ALOT. I have searched and searched and still cant find anything...thanks in advance guys.

    2005 rxt

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    I don't run an oil cooler

    I run the Riva kit and have run no oil cooler for 4 years
    When running open loop oil temps need to be around 220f mark
    if oil temps arnt up the ecu on that 05 will be in cold map and dump fuel
    ive battled this issue for a year and got fuel in oil due to oil temps not being hot enough. Now that they run constant above 200f the issue is gone

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    PM sent...Still would love a diagram if someone has one to offer

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    go to this link
    download the openloop instructions and on the last page you have the diagram of your ski.

    you have to get a hose from the top of the j-pipe to the oil cooler (water in) and the line from the oil cooler (water out) will go to the transom.

    don't know where you are located but in the colder waters the oil temp stays to low just like greenbullet says.

    what you could do is take a brass valve, put it in de "water in line" and control the water flow that goes to the oil cooler to control the oil temps.

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