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    Intake & Exhaust Modification Help/Advice FX SHO 09

    Ok so first question is on a free flow exhaust mod has anyone else dealt with the bike not idling as it should and when full throttle the exhaust banging back and forth? I tried a few different methods and than just decided to go with the riva guide and adjusted my factory tube forward and than connected a 90 degree pipe from the water box to the tube, it looks like everyone else's I have seen photos of out their, however the mod is shaking the bike, making sketchy ass noise and literally slowing me down5-7 mph. I love the sound but its not worth losing the performance I get (and I cant believe I am about to say this) from the stock exhaust setup. It almost feels like the bike can not handle the water flow that comes with the modification. So please any pointers would be awesome on this, thank you.

    As for intake mods, I went ahead and bought a intake setup from something I read somewhere on here which I can no longer find of course, and the picture below is what I purchased, here's my problem, that pipe is enormous, Its massive literally, I have it somewhat attached finally to the bike but I had to pull out the ventilation tubing that goes above and beneath the gas tank, and even still this doesn't fit to what I would consider as practical, in addition the air sensor is no longer gonna be able to be used as the pipe has no hole for it. So questions are, did I buy the wrong stuff, and also is that engine air sensor necessary? I am assuming it is so that would mean I need to drill out a hole in the pipe and modify the air tube to reach the pipe as well. Any pointers on this fellas?

    Background on my bike thus far, I bought it used about a month and a half ago, it ran 70mph full tank and 72 with a quarter tank of gas, it had no mods done to it at all and I personally weigh almost 270 so I know those numbers are already pretty solid for my weight and a stock bike, so I did the ribbon delete and that's it, I though that would do something but to be honest I have not noticed any difference if anything I lost a few mph, I am hoping the mph I feel I lost is coming from the exhaust and the nightmare of that ribbon delete would be worth at least 1-3 extra mphs. thanks in advance fellas
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    U are probably on the Rev limiter

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