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    Seadoo RX Carburetor Model

    So my cousin is looking at some Seadoo RX's and we've seen some mixed reviews about them. It seems like the carb'ed models seem to no have any problems, however the direct injection system seem like a nightmare to fix. Also we're looking at some 1995-1997 XP's as well and they seem to be good. If anyone knows anything about these skis feel free to leave some feedback thanks

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    DI ski's aren't really the nightmare to repair that one might conclude from reading DIY fail threads on the internet.

    Most of what you read about them from owners being unsuccessful in repair attempts is discouraging but bear in mind just like any other modern fuel injected machine you need to have the right tools on hand to read codes and diagnose problems and most DIY jobs fail because they are guessing and throwing parts at a problem they aren't equipped to diagnose properly.

    Buy a homeowner version of CandooPro to work on it, save a bunch of money and have fun they are a blast to ride.

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    dis tend to be much more reliable, until the hack mechanic gets his hands on it. As these skis age, there is more risk of this happening and to repair a butchered di can get pricey quick.

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