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    P0337 + no spark = bad ecu ?

    Hi all,
    I've read all topics in regards to p0337 with no engine starting as i'm having the same issues with my '08 X 255, and before looking out for an X ecu, simulating the error code by unplugging the cps sensor does not actually make spark?
    Thanks much.

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    Okay, did some more research after all.
    When disconnecting the CAPS with CPS on, error p0337 is gone and no other error but still the ski doesn't run.
    when disconnecting CPS with CAPS on, p0337 reappears.
    On both tests, no spark.
    I suspect the ignition part of the ECU defunct, which means the ECU.
    Has someone had that same issue?
    Would reflashing the stock firmware over fix it ?
    Thanks much.

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    Replaced the ecu. I'm back in the water boy i missed it so much. End of story.

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