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Thread: Hole in hull

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    Hole in hull


    I have a 2013 seadoo GTR215, The seadoo was pulled off the lift during a bad storm and the bottom is now pretty banged up including one small hole the size of a quarter located a foot from the rear.

    I have a few questions in regards to repairing the damage.

    1) Is the hull double lined? if yes is there insulation that will need to be removed and or dried?

    2) from what i have read a two part epoxy is required vs a polyester resin is this true?\

    3) what is the best way to turn the seadoo to be able to work on it uderside? I do not have a hoist though i would not be against a portable say engine hoist if need be.

    Any constructive input would be great.
    Thank you

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    If you are going to flip it over, remove the engine. The mounts aren't designed to hold the heavy engine upside down for a long period of time. As a bonus it is easier to flip over with the motor out. I lift my skis up with a car lift to work on the bottom.

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