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    Possible to get a 155 to 60mph without radical engine mods?????

    I've already got 2 SC'd skis.....this is my beater......just wondering if its possible with just bolt ons

    its a 2003 by the way

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    you asking a lot running a big ski

    just bolt on a

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    i wouldnt think it would be to hard, ours runs 58 on GPS i would think with an intake and exhaust and maybe a few other tricks it would do it.

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    Should get close with a lil bit of tweaking.

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    Pump wedge, air intake, aftermarket prop, have the rideplate modded by Jim, then fill the rideplate holes with JB Weld.

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    Just a velocity stack and homemade opas block offs on my buddies gf ski "gtx155 "with 3 bars of fuel netted 59.2 mph if we filled the ride plate holes I'm sure we could have got 60

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