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    Gp1200r no top end

    Ok so just rebuilt the carbs on my stock 01 gp1200r which for some reason has 40mm carbs not 44's.
    Now idle to 1/2 throttle is great but 1/2 to full throttle doesn't do anything except make a bit more noise it was never the fastest ski but now can't even get over 40 mph. I didn't rejet because I couldn't find any info on these carbs. I did remove the silencer from the stock air box and changed the gold springs which were giving a crazy high pop off to the silver ones which brought it down to 44psi.
    the low adjusters are set at 1 out
    the highs I first tried at 1 1/2 then 1 3/4 with no noticeable change.
    i know this is a well documented subject and have read all their is no know but the info is always for 44's not 40's.
    Any ideas?

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    have you removed the fuel door on the sending unit or no? could be warped limiting fuel supply.

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    No I haven't, will do so this weekend and let you know how it goes. Thanks

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    No reason why you can't get decent speed through 40s might just take a bit longer to get there
    Based upon what you have done, clean the plugs and do a plug chop at wot and see what it looks like- is it drowned in fuel or otherwise?

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