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    Kawasaki 550- Jetting/Pop off for running a single 44MM

    Hello All !

    I have a 550 with a JUNK stock carb, wont suck fuel etc.

    I need a list of everything I need to run a single 44 on the 550..
    Manifold? Carb itself... flame arrestor... jetting specs..

    If anyone has the parts or can tell me whats needed that would be great!


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    hey I have an 88 js440 that I put the 550 jugs and Pistons on and I have it all back together but I have the intake manifold and carb off the 440 will that work? if so what will I have to adjust the carb too??

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    Chris I was just about to write the same thing. Surely some of the Kawi guys know what we need to do to get a modern carburetor to work on our skis.

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    yup manifold for sure. maybe reeds. it would be best if you could find an all in one kit

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