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    MSX 110 Rebuild/Electric Issue

    I picked up a MSX 110 for pretty cheap that had the motor taken out of it. The waste gate accuator froze, and of course, that meant everything had to come out. The previous owner had purchased the new parts but did not have interest in putting the ski back together. I've been working on putting it back together for a month now, and finally have everything back in place and ready to go. When I hooked a battery up it, nothing happened. No sounds, no dash, nothing. Is there something simple that I am missing?

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    Welcome to GH!

    That's a pickle. Since you didn't take it apart... and it's your first Weber MSX... I would be a challenge to ensure you got everything hooked up right and are not missing anything.

    Did you put the lanyard in? Did you tap the start button to wake up the system?

    So... wiring. Are there any wiring connectors NOT hooked up to anything? Do you have the SIFB plugged into the harness above the battery? Main relay (brown box beside ECU) hooked up?

    How many ground wires do you have on the intake manifold ground lug?

    What about your starter solenoid (relay)... on one lug is the heavy wire to the starter. On the other lug is the heavy wire from the battery PLUS a smaller red wire feeding the system... all present?

    Check the 3 fuse holders in the wiring harness... ensure all fuses are good.

    What is your battery resting voltage once hooked up.

    This is a start. Good luck!


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    Thanks for the response!

    It has been difficult putting it back together without having taken it apart, but mechanically everything is in place.

    Electrically, every connector is hooked up. I have to check the SIFB and the main relay but I believe they are hooked up.

    There are three ground wires on the intake manifold lug.

    Lanyard is in and I tried pressing the start button.

    I'll check everything else tonight and report back with anything new.


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