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    SHO transom plate and grate on XLT or XLL

    I have searched around and found that at one point a couple of people documented this like Rossnemo but it all seems to be history now and nothing comes up. Even links that were posted on other threads come out empty. From what I have gathered so far it should help with speed by giving a bit flatter bottom but it is not as bad as FXHO shoe. It also seems it just just a bolt/glue on as long as you get the Sho grate and transom plate. It also has the benefit of adding the 2" extension which I would need the cable extension and longer midshaft (gp1300r or xlt seem to be the correct one).

    Does anyone have more information on this or can confirm any of the information I have found so far? Along with this or maybe little bit later I would plan on going HO pump with DF 14/21 or so.

    Currently I am building a ported 1300 that started as a 66v.

    Thanks in advance.

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    anyone has any ideas?

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    To the top. About to try it but hesitant to spend big money on a grate and have it not work

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