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    Is it worth modifying my 1999 Yamaha 1200 xl ltd

    So far I have replaced the cat with D plate and sensor and did a top end rebuild and convert it to premix.

    Will I see noticeable improvements with modifications and what do you recommend?

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    worth modifying... well, thats up to you.
    Does it make a difference, yes. Again, how much is expected is up to you.

    A prop will help top speed & holeshot..
    but you should really do a pump stuffer kit to help rid the bad cavitation...
    since your in there, You should do the intake grate & ride plate.
    These will all make a difference. In handling, speed, holeshot, etc. Definitely makes the ski more 'sporty'..but it's a big, heavy ski. it's not going to be a GPR killer, etc.

    Adding rear Sponsons will make a huge difference in turning ability. So, if you like to hit the bueys or marsh trails, these will most definitely transform the handling to a better carving machine.

    before you do any of that..I hope you added the WaveEater Clips to prevent the powervalves from dropping & ruining that new top end.

    The XL/XLT is a great ski. Very versatile. As big as it is, it likes to jump. I have one with lots of bolt-on mods. I recommend them if you are interested in keeping your ski & are interested in more performance.

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    Thanks for your reply... I forgot to mention that I did the WaveEater Clips and the WaveEater linkage when I rebuilt the top end.

    Thanks for the ideas.

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