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    1995 seadoo sp 580. I can't figure out this bog.

    Hey guys,

    95 sp. Replaced all fuel lines, rebuilt carb with mikuni kit. Replaced pressure valve. Replaced check valve in vent line. New plugs. Trimmed plug wires back.

    Starts and idles great. I go full throttle from idle and it will just load up/bog and have difficulty getting on plane

    So this weekend whilst at the cottage, I took the carb out and removed all components. I sprayed out every port with brake cleaner and checked that all was well visually. I did not have an air compressor but I want to blow out the bypass ports.

    Compression was 145 psi on both cylinders. I replaced the inline fuel filter and put it all back together. I noticed the little oval shaped valve was actually slightly lifted and I don't think it was seating correctly, I had to put it back together as I did not have a replacement. I have one on order now and will install this weekend.

    So once I took it out, it was perfect for about 25 minutes, then it all went to crap again. I go full throttle from a stand still and it will take me 15 seconds...seriously, to get on plane and then it starts to open up. Plugs are nice tan/brown colour.

    I don't know what is going on with this machine. Could it be this little oval-shaped check valve? Base gasket? Crank? Something electrical?


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    Any input from anyone? I can not believe I have not had a single response yet.

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    remove your rotary valve cover and see if there is any play in the valve, i've seen some strip the splines slightly and cause it to come out of time slightly and cause strange bogs.

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