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    05 Remote Battery (Size and Should I)?

    Not having much luck finding the answer, so thought I'd ask. 05 Remote is not working (FX HO). Manual says to have a dealer replace the batt. Seems silly. From what I did find, the ski, not the remote, is programmed. So it seems there would not be any required system reprogramming if only changing a fob battery. Just a CYA deal on Yami's part or a way to generate more revenue, or am I missing something? Don't want to crack it open until I know. With that, does anyone know what size battery? Thanks!!

    PS: I have two remotes. One works and one doesn't.

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    Just relax and enjoy the ride. XLT Chad's Avatar
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    Should be nothing more than changing the battery. Done

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    Thanks. Running around and don't have the remotes. Anyone know the battery number? Thanks again.

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    concerned about changing the battery in my 04 FX HO. Can anyone confirm that changing the battery in the remote will not result in needing a dealer re-program of the ski ?

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    FYI I changed it myself today, takes a 2016 type battery and it still works after the switch

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