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    Boost Gauge Setup

    For the Honda owners that are running a boost gauge...

    I'd like to install one as I am running a Macboost stage 2 setup with impeller.

    I don't have much experience with turbos and need a bit of help.

    1) What range vacuum and boost should it be, -30hg/+30psi?
    2) What is the purpose of monitoring the vacuum if any?
    2) What do I need hardware wise to install it and where does it tap into.

    Some detailed info with pics or a video link would be best. Some info on setups that worked out well as far as your location would be nice.


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    Ive worked on a few Honda jetskies and have a bit of knoledge for you if you like. I cant explain it through this site because it is to much info to write with the limited amount of time I have. If you like, you can send me a pm with your number and I can help you and guide you doing this installation.

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