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Thread: 96 xp upgrades

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    96 xp upgrades

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and had a few questions about my seadoo xp. Does anyone have a aftermarket pipe? which is best? how to tell if wear ring is bad? also does anyone have a good hull for 96xp for sale with title? Thanks

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    Good luck with an aftermarket pipe, they are rare birds nowadays and be aware you will need other supporting mods to go along with that pipe. Best way to decribe a bad wear ring is, you give it the gas from and idle and it revs up but does not want to go.

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    Ok thanks man! Yea I've been looking for a pipe and good air cleaner setup. No luck yet. I just wanted a little more. I have a few upgrades from r&d. The ski does just as you described lol. I'll get a new wear ring. I'll keep looking for a pipe. Thanks a bunch!

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