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    2002 4TEC .004" piston to wall clearance too much?

    So I'm rebuilding my 2002 4tec motor and wanted to try to avoid spending $500 on pistons if I didn't have to. The machine shop called and told me my PtoW clearance was .004 and the manual says .004 is the service limit but I'm not sure if he measured the bottom of the skirt or the top of the piston or somewhere in the middle. Can anyone see an issue with continuing to use these pistons? They are in good shape. Thanks for any input.

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    IMO, i dont think you will notice.. for 500 bucks.. just run it again.. if you was chasing all the power you could get you would but in this case meh.. it ran like that before yeah? why was it pulled down?

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    Well, I got it out for the first time this season and took it to the lake. Started fine and idled out fine but then wouldn't rev past 5200 rpms and sounds like there was a noise coming from the engine. I changed the oil over the winter but doubt that had anything to do with it. I did get the OIL message and the beep but I also got that last season and it ended up going away. I read where its a problem with those oil sensors when they sit. When I pulled the spark plugs there was oil in 2 of the 3 cylinders, which explains the smoking. So, after pulling it apart couldn't find a single thing wrong with it! I was almost hoping to find something broke just to explain everything. I rode it for a season and didn't have a problem after the first rebuild so not sure why its just now showing up as a problem.

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