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    keys in the water

    Yesterday I was breaking in fresh rebuilt motor in my 99 gp1200
    Needless to say my keys fell in 4 feet of water by the dock.
    Key to my van with double trailer on the back key to the front door of my building key to the condo key for the mail box key for laundry room key to my room handkuff key and the storage room.All were on the keyring with the remote entry.

    How many of you have lost your keys I did have my cell phone and was able to get help after trying to find the keys with my feet.
    I had someone come out with a 3" dia magnet and eventually we found them.
    Break in not going so good I was way rich and I may have some other issue to track down.

    I did not follow my ussuall patern because I was pulling in and out of the water i plan on doing things different next time.


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    I dropped my GPS in 35ft. of water this weekend...Needless to say it's gone for good...I took it off at the restraunt on the water so noone would steal it and tripped and dropped it...At least if someone stole it somebody would be using it...Maybe the fish are using it?

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    i once had a guy drop his cell phone in 15 feet of water while fueling up his big azz boat.
    i happened to be right there in my wetsuit ,so i slipped into the water.
    i closed my eyes and held my breathe and guided myself down the wall. pitch black, just by feel i felt the phone and brought it back up.
    rich bastage didnt even say thanks.
    and yes it was waterproof, but did not float. go figure.

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    Never turn your head to speak to your passenger doing 60+ in front of the dam while wearing your prescription glasses without a strap on them!! Everyone here has a story or two I'm sure about something lost in the murky depths of a local riding spot.I have seen those big magnets at wally-world and considered buying one and trolling around with it on a long rope just to see what might stick to it,lol.

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    i have lost 6 sunglasses and my buddy almost lost his keys to his truck at the boat ramp i finally found them after an hour of looking

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    Didn't lose 'em on my ski, but I had my entire keychain fall out of the back of my bike while leaned over draggin' knee.

    I drove all the way home....1.5 hours only to find I lost my keys. I drove all the way back (45 minutes cause I was seriously speeding) and found nothing.

    I had to get the locksmith out to make a new key for the car. I had to get dups made for everything else.

    Now I only bring the valet key with me on my ski and leave the rest at home.

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    ex- girlfriend went partying with her girlfriends on a boat.. grab'd ahold of a pileing,but they never tied off.. the boat floated away and she was left clinging to the post...needless to say she went swimming , lost her gold and diamond bracelet... went fishing for it for 2 days, finally found it with a pool skimming net

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    Car Keys

    I make it a habit of only bringing a copy of my car key with me and attach it on a float. I think I am going to find a concealed spot in my ski somewhere and hide an extra key just in case.

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    Swung to a platform from a boat on a personel rope in heavy seas. Bounded up the metal stairways, getting about 70' up when I heard a "CLANK, CLANK". Looked down to see my car keys bouncing through the platform until they finally hit the water. 400' deep. Later, when I returned to land, got to spend an hour in a bar in Seal Beach ,Cali waiting for pop-a-lok to get in my truck.

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