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    98 gtx limited???

    a guy has a 98 gtx limited he want to sell i think its a 951 the motor is broke is all he knows the ski is in really good shape with a trailer what something like that worth? $1000 ? i can do the work on the motor if its worth it. it seems theres not alot of good said about that motor is why im asking. thanks.

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    Would really depend on what was wrong with the motor. If you have to replace the cases or the crank and balance shaft, it can get REALLY expensive and to me, not worth the repair...

    I sold a prestine 99 GTX Ltd original motor with just over 100 hours for $1700 on a trailer.... They arent worth a lot anymore....

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    Tiny nailed it.

    What's the trailer worth ? That's all I would be willing to pay.

    98 GTX Limited is a nice ski I had one. You can't skimp when rebuilding the 951 all or nothing in my book I did the full rebuild and got almost 200 trouble free hours out of mine before it lunched a piston skirt sold it off cheap and got a 4 Tec.

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    Expect carnage with a blown 951. When they go it is usually spectacularly.

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    Pretty much what i have been reading and for a good single place trailer is about 500 here so ....... thanks

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