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    loss of power yamaha gp 1200 r

    2001 gp 1200 r neighbor moved away and gave me ski completely stock except d plate took out and ran great for an hour buddy was low on fuel so we went to fill him up now as we leave i punch it and it goes like a rocket hits 61 then all of a sudden it bogs down to 30 won't go any faster no clue I've had ski for a week lol any clues thanks dj

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    Start by doing a compression check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterbean_29512 View Post
    Start by doing a compression check.
    i have 115 in all three

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    Fuel filter
    Trap door on the pick up
    Fuel selector bypass
    Bad fuel
    Carbs out of adjustment
    Case leaking air

    Unfortunately there's no one cause. You have to start with a base line, especially on a new or unknown motor. The even compression is good. Are the carbs still stock? Did it sit for a while with gas in it? Ethanol kills fuel systems.

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    check fuel filter, water separator, fuel lines etc. ask your old neighbor when the last time he ran it was and when the last time the carbs were rebuilt. if you put ethanol gas in it and it sat for a while you could have gummed up carbs. compression sounds fine. lets us know what you find out.

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    thanks a lot ill start changing stuff and let you guys know anybody in california where to send carbs to ????

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    changed fuel filter and took off a wedged trap door will try this weekend

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    reset button won't show error codes on dash everything else works any clues thanks

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    Just gona throw this out there but did you check your pump to ensure you did not suck up any rope or something?

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