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    Anyone having ibr problems?

    Got stuck in reverse twice Saturday. Pulled key off and restarted and all was fine. Anyone else having problems?

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    yepp ive had that no idea why

    just kept pulling key off and it reset itself.

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    I haven't experienced them, but I hear that battery voltage issues can cause sporadic IBR problems. May be worth looking into.

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    Dealer says there is a flash update for the 2014 that addresses this problem. Will see.

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    There was an update to the ibr software. Apparently there were some calibration issues. It had a soft code stored. Apparently brp has their own forum and a tech posted if you go full throttle, brake, then full throttle, the ibr goes into a "safe" mode which is close to reverse. Buds w3.5.2 is an ibr update to help with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wire4Money View Post
    Apparently brp has their own forum
    Can you provide a link to this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xspook View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Wire4Money View Post
    Apparently brp has their own forum
    Can you provide a link to this?
    it is a private forum. The tech printed out a thread. I tried to get to it, but it is not open to the public

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    It's in bossweb (brp dealer community site), have to have a dealer number to sign on, to make an account...
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