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    Texoma / Eufaula

    Like most, I've been waiting months to get on the water in North Texas. Yesterday I drove by Lake Eufaula and the bottom half (below the Canadian River) looked very clean and enticing, however a report last week from the Park Rangers made me nervous, so I abandoned the launch and headed for Holdenville to ride around in a circle (was better than nothing).

    Headed South after Eufaula, I stopped by my cabin near Mineral Wells (on Texoma) and to my surprise saw some boat traffic on the lake, incl PWCs.

    Is anyone attempting to ride, or has ridden either of these bodies of water in the last week? Personally don't feel like driving north to pick up skis then head back SW to Eagle Rock Lake.

    Any type of Lake Report for Texoma or Eufaula would be much appreciated. FYI, I watch the water level data by the hour so I'm really looking for someone's opinion that has either ridden or intends to ride these Lakes in the near future.


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    Rode Texoma yesterday (7/20); amazing to say the least. The conditions were perfect. Headed out at 9:30 with ambient air temps near 82. Light wind that calmed down as the day went on. Only debris that we encountered were a few leaves here and there. 10 day forecast predicts Sunny this coming weekend. I def won't miss the opportunity to ride again. Let me know if you are in the area and/or planning on riding next weekend.


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