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    GP800R no electrical response

    I just got my first ski- 2004 gp800r. Only has 90 hours on it. The ski ran fine for the first month, then it was flipped the weekend before last and I'm pretty sure it was turned over the wrong way. It started up the next day then died. I tried turning it over for a while, changed the spark plugs but I couldn't get it started. The next day I tried starting it again and nothing- no clicking, no electronic noises of any kind- nothing. Battery is hot and I jumped it to a car battery to be sure, and still nothing. It did kick on for a minute or so and the engine turned over a few times, but it went dead again, and has been dead ever since. Has anyone had any kind of similar issues, thanks in advance for any help!

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    Is there any sort of electrical lock out on this model?

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