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    xlt1200 less grip in water

    Anyway to get my xlt1200 to not hook up so much? I just want to spin her but every time I try this lovely lady just grips like nothing I have ever rode. My older GP760 is the same but not quite as bad..

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    Spinning out an xlt is like spinning out a wave venture.....damn near impossible.

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    well daum..

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    Not sure if it would help but maybe by removing sponsons, having a skeg less plate and adding one of the flat bottomed pump shoes... essentially all the flat water speed mods... (expect for the sponsons). That said this advice is hypothetical and I have never tried it. It might even make the handling a bit dangerous but I believe it will give you the best chance to spin.

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    it's a big heavy ski. Nose down & lots of weight on the front will help, but it's just too massive to flick around like that.
    Removing rear sponsons may make it spin more, IDK. but turning is going to suck.
    Adding a performance rear sponson will help it rotate a lot better, but not spin. just too much tail in the water on these.

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    Turn hard, unload the pump on slow plane and lean hard while kicking the footwell outward will make it slide. In reality the XLT 1200 is a couch, not a donut ski.

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    Ha. Ya I was just curious. I found if I throw her right left yhen a hard right she will spin. It's hard but she will do it

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