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    What is causing my cavitation?!

    Ok, so I have a 2007 RXT. Took it out last weekend and I noticed it was not pulling out of the hole at all. It would hit about 8000 RPM and slowly pull. Once it got up to about 30MPH it was ok and pulls hard but would not run as fast at it would last season. Last year it would run about 68MPH with me on it, last weekend only about 60MPH. Pulled the pump and noticed the wear ring was in bad shape and that the impeller boot was badly damaged. Replaced the wear ring and installed a new impeller boot and put everything back together. Installed a new R&D Ultimate Pump Seal during the reinstall of the pump. Took it out this morning, and it actually is worse now then before. Still cavities and would only run about 58MPH with me on there. What have I done? What else do I need to look for. I did not install a new impeller, just installed a new wear ring.

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    how old is your carbon seal/ bellows
    and did the prop look perfect?

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    I just got the ski last year, so no clue about carbon seals/bellows. I would safe it is safe to say they were never changed. I never have large amounts of water in the ski so I did not look at carbon seals. Would they cause cavitation? The prop did not look "perfect" as in new, but it did not have any major dents, bends, chunks missing, etc. I assumed it would be good. But now I don't know. I am lost with this, honestly.

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    for me it seems to be a little here and there all adds up
    so you put on a new pump seal to the next spot to hold air is the prop
    any little nicks bends will let the air stick to the prop causing cavation
    now with a extra suck from the new pump seal
    it will pull on the bellows and if its weak (usually when old)
    can let air in
    then there is the shoe/grate area any crevices not sealed up will hold air
    it goes on and on

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    so i just pulled my pump again. what gap should i have between my prop and wear ring wall? and, what is best way to measure if. honestly, i think i may have to much of a gap. the pump was also very difficult to pull off this time. first time i pulled it it just came right off. this time it as really on there. i had to tap it with rubber mallet to get it to move. maybe is had it misaligned or something? doubtful though. i put it back on, going very slowly this time. will try to test it tomorrow if i get off work in time. but, i feel like maybe the gap is just to much.

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    See post #2 here for gap procedure:

    get a shop manual here:

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