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    Karavan Trailer warning

    Take the time to get under your trailer and torque down all bolts. Seems this trailer comes from factory to dealer with minimal tightness and my dealer at least is not paying attention to how the put them together and ship them out.

    My first outing with my trailer, I hit a small pot hole at slow speed and it wrenched the axle assembly on the pot hole side. Had this happen at speed big issues could have happened. I had to jack up the trailer, and kick the axle back into place, then torque it. At the time, I did not think about the rest of the trailer but took to the dealer and told them go over every bolt and torque it. Two years later my crank post was loose enough to move back about 5 inches. I noticed it while loading the skis back up. The U bolts were noticeably loose. Thank goodness I was close to home.

    Today, I took the hour and torqued every bolt on the trailer (I have a double). I was amazed at how loose almost every bolt was - except the ones I torque from the mishap pot hole.

    Take my advice, if you bought your skis, take the time to torque every bolt on that trailer. The dealer will not do it for you every time and trusting them is putting your life and skis in danger. I wish someone had told me this when I bought, since I was new to the sport. I did not see any such story and it may only be an issue for these cheap Karavan type trailers. Why they are not welded, blows my mind. I get it - cost, but wow. We spend 30K or more on a couple skis and they put that on this? The least they could do is make sure they are torqued all the way around.

    OK rant over. I am steadily disliking my dealer.

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    Same here... my 14 Karavan needed multiple things torqued. I almost lost the jack on the way home from the dealer when I bought it. If the dealer wasn't a few hundred kilometers away I would have gone back and gave them shit. I went through the entire trailer and tightened/adjusted everything. Other than that it was a great trailer for the money.

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    this is a good idea for older trailers as well. or even skis. I have an older trailer and i went through after purchasing it to find a handful of loose bolts and nuts

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