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    Help need 70MPH out of 2014 VXR

    I want to get 70 MPH out of my 2014 VXR that is 100% stock. I don't want to buy a new ski because my wife will kill me. I am looking for tried and true mods that will not hurt durability. Any advice you guys have to offer would be great.

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    I would start by taking a look at the VXR mods database

    I have an SHO but the mods that gave me the best results were the ribbon delete, power filter, intake grate, ride plate and R3. Those mods should not hurt durability. Since you don't have a SC, it may take you additional mods to get to 70 but I am not the expert. Good luck.

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    Put VXR on your trailer and then hook the trailer to your car. Drive to highway and accelerate to 70 MPH. Your VXR is now going 70 MPH.. Easy problem to solve... No expensive mods and your goal has been achieved.. LOL
    Use the search function and you will find all kinds of easy mods to make your VXR faster.

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