Ok. Bit the bullet and purchased a new solas SRX-cd 14/19 impeller and solas SS wear ring for 2006 RXP. Impeller is tight as a (insert metaphor here) when installed.

The impeller fit nice inside the wear ring when both parts were loose (not installed). The impeller slid into the wear ring nicely, and spun nicely... no binding.

Now that I managed to get the wear ring installed (don't know how it will ever come out again). The impeller fits in, but as bolt gets tightened onto the impeller, it starts to bind until it is impossible to turn.

I understand that there is some tweaking installed. The edges of the impeller have to be filed.

What is the procedure for that?

Is it just trial and error?

How do you know where to start filing?

The edge of the impeller is flat. Am I correct that you have to maintain that flatness?

Any tips/tricks/directions etc would be much appreciated.