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    1995 wave venture 701

    New user, been lurking for a while. I have a 94 venture, runs great but has started "slipping" when taking off. I think wear ring is worn. How much trouble is the impeller housing to change? Can I use a wsm housing/wear ring with factory impeller, it still appears to be in great shape.

    Thanks to everyone here that helps out. I know I have picked up a lot from here.

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    Before you order anything, check the impeller clearance between impeller and wear ring. Spec is .010-.020, service limit .024. If yours is close or past .024 it will certainly slip, and top end suffers also. As for the wear ring, several manufacturers offer one with a plastic sleeve. I personally use the sbt wear ring. And yes, they are designed to be used with a factory impeller.

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