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    99 GP800 not going past 30mph

    So I've got 115psi in the first cylinder and 120 in the second so it's not compression problem. I'd if the carbs need to be rebuilt. New plugs new battery. It would sometimes act like there's not a single problem, get right up to 55mph then it would slow right down to 25mph 5000rpms. Most of the time wouldn't go past 5000rpms. If I feathered the trigger it would sometimes act perfectly fine. Any info would be greatly appreciated#

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    It's probably a fuel issue, maybe the carbs or water separator.

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    You have a major fuel problem, most likely a carb cleaning or rebuild kit at this point if never done before. Don't run it like that unless you you want to lock up the motor and need a complete overhaul. Also get old shitty fuel out asap, death to a 2-stroke. Had one in the past, get a shop repair manual and wrench yourself or take it to a mechanic.

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