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    STX 1100 fakters at WOT

    Fresh engine (about 15 hrs), ski was running perfect last week, sucked in a gutfull of sand last week, pulled exhaust off, cleaned, refitted, fitted a grocco filter, removed oil pump bearings and drive (ski has been premix since Ive owned it)

    Fuel in tank is the same fuel that was in there last weekend.

    Checked ski on hose, fine
    Put in water, went for a run with no seat, no leaks, all good

    Went for a run up the creek. Ski accelerated as usual, topped out at 7250rpm as it always does 2 up with 1/2 a tank of fuel. About 5 seconds after reaching max rpm the engine would falter for a fraction of a second, and the tacho would drop to 6900 before it would climb again. Hard to tell if its fuel or ignition. I have a temp guage mounted in the head pipe, temp was as per usual, as was water temp coming out of pisser (touch test)

    First time it did this I shut it down immediately
    Tried a few more times with same result, idles fine, seems to run well at mid rpm

    any ideas?

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    oh and compression 135-140psi on all ( same as it was after run in, same guage)

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    This is with the stator cooling bypassed, correct?

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    no, I thought that was changing too many things at once so I left it connected

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    Not getting enough fuel. Next time it happens, close the choke a little and see what happens.

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    took it to mechanic as I dont have the time or the patience to do this again
    First thing he did was removed the head.... scoring on #1
    Yah, here we go again

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