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    1999 GP1200 65U Bogging

    Hey guys,

    I have finally got my ski put back together and finally have placed it in the water earlier this afternoon for break-in of the engine.

    I the first couple hours went great. I could feel the power and it wasn't bogging at all. Then all of a sudden after letting it sit for a bit to let the engine cool down, got out and it started bogging down on me. I checked the carbs and they were all squirting gas in to the barrels so it couldnt be it. I don't believe anything changed on any of my settings. Only thing that I saw was that there was water bellowing out the black exhaust coupler even with the hose clamps on it tight.

    Now, when I put that ORANGE rubber exhaust coupler underneath that black coupler, my friends were helping me with it and they accidentally sliced that orange coupler partly.

    Now could this be my problem as to why I am all of a sudden having that bogging issue throughout the rpms? I have a hunch that this is my problem as I think its related when I just noticed some water bellowing out the black exhaust coupler and then I had that bogging issue.

    Can anyone shed some light? Probably it's messing with my exhaust back pressure?

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    Mine was doing this. Let it sit for awhile then it would bog down till I could slowly get the rpms back up. then it was fine again. Mine turned out to be the water box on the exhaust. When it sits the water in the engine would flow into the water box. It would bog because the exhaust was full of water and it needed to clear out before it would rev. I installed a jetworks flow control valve on the small water line going to the stinger. Problem gone. Not sure if this is the same issue as your but sure seems like it. I got quicker acceleration after idling for awhile also.

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    Thanks for the reply budman.

    I actually did a fix on the slice on that orange coupler last night using my yamalube 4 gasket maker. Tried it out today and it ran really great! So thats the fix right there. I had a feeling that THAT was my issue right there anyway. It was definitely messing with the exhaust back pressure and also what was stated by budman. Fixed now!

    I'm posting back for the results because I don't like to leaving posts hanging and other people wondering if it got fixed or not.

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    I've replaced a couple of those inner couplings with nice silicone parts. Just measure it and search ebay.

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