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    Dealer recommendations for Tampa/Clearwater FL

    Well I decided to go for a 230 Challenger and went to the local Clearwater dealer. Wife and I already agreed that if we didn't get approved for the 5.99% interest rate offer we would pass. Dealer said we were approved for 10% and then started playing number games and would give us no real info on prices, all he wanted to show was monthly payments. After I got home I ran the numbers he gave me and when he told me he was giving me $6000 off the price of the boat (to compensate for the higher percentage rate) he was actually charging me $6000 over the msrp of the boat. Anyways I have a couple questions. First can anyone recommend a dealer in the Tampa/St. Pete/ Clearwater area? Also what is a typical price to pay for dealer prep and also the 3yr BRP warranty?

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    Not a whole lot of choices. I'd steer a friend clear of Xtreme in Tampa/Riverview. That's the dealer that assured me the problematic supercharger washers are now made from titanium, among other things they seem to make up as they go along. They hit my new trailer with an ATV and tried to hide the damage (was hoping I'd leave without noticing). That's really the fault of the kid who did the damage, but that tells you the type of kids that work there. There's a dealer in north Tampa; I haven't been there, but they are a "certified dealer", which must mean they sell a lot of Sea-Doos, which is surely a good thing. From what I understand, BRP does not treat lower-volume dealers as well. The dealer in Lakeland said they have absolutely no say in the boats BRP sends them each year, they just eventually get a truckload of boats that they are expected to sell. Odd way to do business. A higher-volume dealer might be able to get the boat you want from the factory sooner.

    BRP offers a free three year warranty on their boats right now (well, in actuality, it is two more years on top of the one year you would get anyway). The deal is, you can take the 6% financing, OR the warranty, but I don't know why someone would take the financing over the warranty; unless you're going to take longer than four or five year to pay it off, and if that's the case, you'd have to decide if a boat is financially viable right now anyway. I paid cash for mine, but I tell ya, just the gas I end up using is equivalent to a boat payment in itself.

    Seems like one would be better off securing either a home equity loan or credit union loan first, then at the boat dealership, you can concentrate on getting the boat for the best price and take the free warranty.

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    Well I went back to Cycle Springs in Clearwater, wasn't happy with them the first time around but not alot of choices plus I am more prepared this time. I went in with a proposal that was $500 off the MSRP of an Utopia SE plus it included dealer prep/delivery, 3yr BRP warranty, 3yr maintance thru them and a boat cover. Also told them if I didn't get the 6% I would pass, I don't need the boat that bad. He said everything in my proposal was 'doable' but they didn't have any 2007 Utopia SE's in stock. I told them that was fine and Im in no hurry. So he now is in search for one at another dealer or may have to order one if that is possible. I saw ad's around the dealership for the free 3yr warranty for watercraft but not for the boats. Anyone have any idea how much room there is to play on price for these? Also let them know everything is pending a test drive.

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    6% financing on boats. 3 year BEST warrantee on PWCs. I just bought a Speedster today so I went through it. Don't feel bad. My dealer was just as bad. Sold it to me with a cover. When I picked it up he mysteriously forgot that part.

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    I'm about to buy a sportster 150 and have recieved quotes from two dealers: both want MSRP, but one charges a 600 prep fee and another charges 1050. I think if i pay that much, they should tighten down all the bolts and also change out the ceramic washers.

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