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    1992 SL650 piston questions

    hi sorry this is probably gonna be a long post. I was given a 92 sl650 ski in very good condition.
    got it to run after lots of tweaking. checked compression and was 60,65,90 not good. pulled
    cylinders and pistons, pistons have markings 45A50 on them checked bore and got 2.680,think that comes to
    68.072mm. don't even see pistons that large for sale. how big can u bore cylinders, what do the piston numbers mean?

    doubt it pays to resleeve cylinders, or take risk on used ones. hopefully im wrong

    there is a 1994 750 for sale locally for $250 says no spark, if I cant get pistons and cylinders for mine, what exchanges
    between the two.


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    no one here can help me?

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