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    278000423 Spec sheet

    I bought a mpem conversion kit and basically has two cdi boxes wired together. No clear instructions on how to wire up for my 99 speedster sk. The numbers I found similar to my kit is 278000423. I posted a pic too. Might not be exact but it looks the same. The pic posted is from wsm. I need some clarification on wires. A spec sheet would be great. For instance the brown and purple wires I'm unsure on what there original purpose is so I don't know how to wire them into my boat harness. Any specs on the wiring on this box would be great! Thanks
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    Who sold you the *kit*? A proper conversion kit should have the right boat connector already wired to both of the ski modules and only need minor wiring done on your end to the starter motor relay's to get it finished up with clear directions printed by the supplier to install in your specific boat application.

    All you need are two inexpensive aftermarket 717 ski MPEM's if you have to figure it all out yourself, which is what you have there in the picture. For example the brown and purple wires you are asking about send ground and power to the beeper and gauges.

    Are you absolutely sure your original boat MPEM is bad? I get piles of them in every year to test and find many of them to be just fine or in need of a simple repair to the 5 amp circuit power diode.

    When doing a conversion on a boat with dual ski modules you start by clipping the wires on the boat module right at the black potting material on the board as you'll need all that wire length to get the new ones put in.

    From there, you need to have the boat's original wiring diagram in front of you, and I would reference the wiring schematics from say the 1996 shop manual for ski's as there are several diagrams for different models that will allow you to compare wire color and function to the boat schematic the aftermarket ski module wire colors are the same as OEM so they are pretty much plug and play to that end.

    You need to match wire function to wire function between the boat and ski schematics, figure out the wire color differences between them and create your own diagram on paper before you start wiring.

    Those aftermarket MPEM's for 717 engines sell for $120.00 each all day long, if you have more than that times two in a kit that left you to figure out the wiring, I'd be having a conversation with whoever sold it to you.

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    Seadoo source. Had plugs and the two mpems wired together but I had to splice into my original wiring and add amphenol plugs. Basically have the original and 2 aftermarket ones all tied together. Wiring completed. Two beeps, engines turn but no spark to each engine now. Any idea the power output from the magneto to coil/cdi? I tried reading voltage. Don't know if it's dc, ac? Ac was 2.something and dc was 7.something to the primary coil wire. I don't know what it should be. Black/red line from magneto at coil/cdi ohms at 59.7 on both engines. Just trying to figure out spark issue now on both engines. Just check port engine coil a little. With caps on I have no resistance, open circuit, plug ends removed 13.some kohms. No resistance through boots at all, open circuit of what I can tell. Don't know proper methods to check primary as manual is unclear. Single primary wire. I know a resistance check don't always provide a true good or bad coil/cdi but just making sure I don't have two bad parts on two different engines. Coil/cdi assy is pn: 278000586


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