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    First run today after all the mods.

    So after installing all the mods, today was its maiden voyage!

    Didn't start too well and blew the top inter cooler hose off the frizzle IC. Lucky I had some tools and docked at strangers pier and assembled that.

    After fixing that, and doing a few gentle runs and pulling over and adjusting the fuel maps on the motec. Everything seemed to be looking good, around the 0.8 - 0.9 mark.

    After that I was grabbing a hand full and it pulls like a steam train. Hardest part is keeping it in the water. I was reaching 71 on the candoo. Bearing in mind I was on there, full tank of fuel, small ice cooler and my girlfriend, anchor in the front and laptop etc.

    Pulled over again and looked at maps, I was hitting the stock 8300 RPM limiter. So i upped that to 9000. (I'm running the riva valve train upgrade and buckets)

    Back out again and now we are hitting 74 on the candoo. Looked at logs again and I'm not hitting the limiter. Grabbing a handful it hits 8900 RPM once then gradually tails down to a constant 82 - 8300 RPM.

    I have a 13/18 prop, Lucky 13 cone with all the spacers. Venturi is 86mm, steering nozzle is 91mm.

    What would you change ? Bearing in mind I have advanved my intake cam timing for bottom end power so sacrificed top end.

    My engine temp was touching just over 100 oC and bringing in the warning limiter after a few minutes of full power. I sort that next week by adding the extra line from the riva 160mm pump. 94 oC was average running temp. I have the riva cooling upgrade kit.

    Other then that it pulls like a steam train from the get go with no caviation at all. Im not looking for 100mph figure, just to tune the best out of the set up I have.

    With the ET 15.5 wheel I was topping out about 19.6 PSI at 8400 RPM.

    Manifold inlet temps stayed at pretty much constant 43 oC all day.

    Inside the hull was pretty hot, so will remove the foam side inserts to hopfully get some more cool air in there, also sorting out my cooling lines will help.

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    Get those temperatures down first!!! Then run it, start removing cone spacers one by one.

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